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by Nick Naylor in WhatsApp on PC
December 27, 2013 0 comments

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If you have been searching for WhatsApp on Windows PC whether thats your computer or your laptop where you want to install WhatsApp Messenger on your desktop. Then, continue reading this article.

Because what I am about to tell you will be so important. That it will blow your mind and give you an unfair advantage over others who simply try using WhatsApp Messenger on there Windows 7 or Windows 8 based Desktop computers.

We have created the ultimate WhatsApp Software for PC which can be install on your PC. And you can send/receive unlimited WhatsApp Messages in different formats such as text, images, audio, video and vCard files using our Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software.

This software came into existence when we realized that people found it very difficult to send messages on large volumes using WhatsApp Messenger which was very tedious, time consuming, laborious task to send WhatsApp Messages.

When we tried searching for the solution ourselves then the MOST famous solution available that point of time was either to install Bluestacks for Windows & then installing WhatsApp on your  PC.


The problem with Bluestacks or whether that’s Virtual Android Installation on VMWare or other such software is that you can only use 1 WhatsApp Number into this environment and you had to select one by one for each contact to actually send them a message.

And if by chance you exceeded the amount of daily limit and people who received your messages started blocking you. Then, this WhatsApp number that you used will be banned and you will have to end up getting another unique number for sending WhatsApp messages.


We created WhatsApp Bulk Sender for Desktop PC.

This software will let you go beyond the normal WhatsApp Messaging limits and allows you to add 100s & 1000s of Bulk WhatsApp Senders which are also known as WhatsApp Channels. That means that you can use the power of Bulk WhatsApp Messaging and start promoting anything on WhatsApp to thousands of numbers in one go.

You can send text messages, images, audio messages, long videos and even vCard information to WhatsApp registered users using our ultimate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software which works on any Desktop PC using Windows 7 with .Net 4 Framework installed.

Here are the list of features that this software provides:

Numbers Registration & Management Option:

  • WhatsApp Channel Registration
  • WhatsApp Bulk Channel Import
  • WhatsApp Bulk Channel Export
  • Check WhatsApp Numbers

WhatsApp Number Filteration Option:

  • Load CSV/TXT Files
  • Number Range Generator
  • Export Feature

Send Message Option:

  • Message Composer
  • Shuffle Messages
  • Export Messages List

WhatsApp History Option:

  • Delivery Report
  • Export Messages

WhatsApp Chat View Option:

  • Chat View
  • List View

Main Options:

  •  Set no. of messages to send in particular time
  • Change MAC Address with each channel
  • and many more…

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It's free!
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