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JustDial Data Extractor Software – Review

Find out our review of India's #1 JustDial Extractor software!


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by Nick Naylor in Data Extraction Software
August 18, 2016 0 comments

We get a lot of Indian clients who are looking for database for marketing their products & services via WhatsApp marketing software & other WhatsApp marketing services we offer.

But, since we don’t have any tool which can help you generate leads with mobile numbers, email address, and other similar information. We use to recommend our clients to try JustDial Extractor software which probably is India’s largest local search engine with maximum B2B & B2C listings.

Since, the time of us recommending these kinds of tools so that they can gain access to the right targeted, and highly qualified leads in their demography & local area. There has been a lot of similar products that have come in Indian marketplace.

For example, Local Extractor which is another all in one local marketing software that helps you extract database from 15+ data sources in and around from India. Then, similar tool is Cashflow Multiplier which is another version similar to Local Extractor which helps you generated unlimited leads using several of the websites as data sources including JustDial, Sulekha, TradeIndia, IndiaMart, and Google Maps as data points.


It has been reported by our clients that there are several companies in India like and which are selling pirated & cracked version of JustDial Extractor Data Extraction & Lead Scraping Software.

These companies provide you with the software saying that they are the original seller of the software but infact what they are selling is a cracked + lead gen created cracked version of the original software.

And that’s why when ever there comes any new updates. These software stops working and then these people ask you to pay extra money for getting the updated version.

If you are seriously looking to extract business database I advice all the buyers, and our clients to purchase the original software. Because even though the original software might cost you a little bit more from a cracked version. But, at least you will get free updates & support from the original developers.

And then, you also get the perks of new features & additional software discounts like Local Extractor which was made available at 50% discount to original buyers of JustDial Extractor since it’s built from the same team of developers.

There are other different versions of the same software available by different vendors. Like JustDial Scraper, JD Extractor, IndiaMart Extractor, and JustDial Lead Extractor.

But, we truly recommend that you either get the original software from the main developer at or get yourself a copy of Local Extractor from the same developers.

And be aware about the scammers like DigitalGateway who might end up giving you a cracked copy of the software which doesn’t cost a dime for them. And they will peddle it like a drug dealer to make you addicted into their own ponzy scams & selling funnel.

P.S. We have got no connection with the developers of any of these software. But, we just wanted to make our clients stay aware about the kind of things happening in the industry because one of our clients asked us to tell this story!


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