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Local Extractor – Data Extraction Software Review

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by Nick Naylor in Data Extraction Software
February 3, 2015 0 comments

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We get a lot of clients from India who are looking for database which is well-qualified B2B and B2C leads that can be utilized using in their WhatsApp marketing campaigns to reach their target market.

Whether you are looking for real estate professionals, doctors, lawyers, or any kind of professional services.

Or you are looking for any kind of business category that you want the leads from.

We are about to reveal one software that will allow you to extract unlimited (yes, no limit at all!) leads from India’s largest and most massive local search engine with the maximum business listings in India –

The old version of the software is available on

The older version had basic functionality of the software which allowed you to extract business listings from from any business category in any local, city or geographical area listed on JustDial website.

But, the new version is even more powerful and empowering for anyone looking to utilize database available as business listings on JustDial which is having the largest amount of B2B and B2C database anywhere in India.

Here’s some of the advanced and new features of JustDial Extractor aka now Local Extractor:

  • Extract unlimited business leads with business name, it’s category registered on JustDial, GPS Location, Landline & Cell phone numbers, and now even email addresses registered with on (HINT: This give’s you access to contact information that people who registered on the websites are looking to get leads in, hence. If you send them a text/WhatsApp message or even email message, chances of getting your messages opened is very high)
  • Send SMS Marketing Campaigns right within the software (This will make it super easy for you to start marketing on the spot the moment you have the extracted database from Justdial.
  • Send Email Marketing Campaigns using API integration which gives you free 15,000 emails per month and the rest you can buy credit directly from to start sending emails to even larger number. i.e. approx 20$ for 50,000 emails.
  • Keyword Researcher module which is now updated with even more keyword results directly from giving you list of all sub categories and co-related categories available on related to the business that you search on auto-suggestion search engine.
  • Bulk import all business category in multiple city.
  • Export database in CSV file with options to select fields for extracting the leads
  • and many more…

Now, we have been asked so many times whether we sell database for sending WhatsApp messages. The answer has always been no, we are not a database vendor company. But, whenever clients ask for suggestions from where they can get the database we are happy to recommend good tools who work perfectly and we have used ourselves.

This is one tool that I can recommend to my clients residing in India. Though, for people outside India there are other tools to find targeted business leads available in your local demography.

Powerful techniques to use this software:

Now, personally speaking. Once, you get cell phone numbers & actual contact email address of any business listing from then this is a perfect situation.

Because then you can try different marketing mediums to sell your products or services ie. SMS Marketing, Tele Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, and even Email Marketing.

I suggest that you try different engaging marketing campaigns to reach your target market. Start by SMS and WhatsApp marketing and start driving leads to your landing page or have a call to action at the end of your messages for people to reach back to you by either giving you a call or visit your website.

And then, have a system in place on your website or your tele marketing team who can be responsive to take calls and revert to your interested prospects and customers.

This same strategy has been cornerstone for so many companies who have been successfully operating their marketing campaigns. And you have so much leverage when you know that the target market you are trying to sell your products & services to is already having a demand for the product for sell.

Let’s say you want to target Real Estate developers in your local area. You can do that with Local Extractor. Or Salon & Spa Centers, you can do that too. There are 1000s of business category in and you have no such limitation with Local Extractor.

And the best part is that you have to pay a negligle amount for the software vs monthly fee or data costs of vendors charging you 1000s of dollars for stale non-verified database.

Once, you have the software operating for you. Over the long term you can extract unlimited leads and recover all your money invested into purchasing this software.

This will allow you to open your mini business of sourcing hot business leads to your clients and customers if you operate a agency and sell professional services such as website design, mobile marketing, SEO or social media services to your clients.

I suggest you give some leads free of costs to your clients to try them out. This way you will have chance to add value to that business, and get in the door.

Well, I can’t say more. But, as you can imagine there are so many ways that you can start utilizing a software that allows you to extract leads, and then at the same time start sending SMS marketing messages and email marketing messages to these leads.

Heck, you can even send WhatsApp messages by finding active WhatsApp numbers from your list of cell phone numbers extracted using this software. And then, start utilizing our WhatsApp marketing software to send WhatsApp messages 😉

So, incase you live in India. And want to be a smart marketer who wants to leverage the power of reaching to larger number in your area. I highly recommend Local Extractor to all of you!

They have trial version available so you can try the software free of cost. And incase you want the old version of the software then checkout JustDial Extractor

P.S. We have no connection with this company. And we are not getting any commission for recommending this tool. It’s just that we loved this tool and recommend to any of our clients who keep asking us about database or any tool to find business leads.

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