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August 28, 2014 0 comments

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If you are wondering how to use WhatApp as a direct marketing tool to reach your target audience don’t look further. We introduce to you the latest bulk WhatsApp marketing package which enables you to send messages to unlimited number of WhatsApp users globally without getting banned.

With the help of this WhatApp bulk message platform you can send messages, photos, images, video, share GPS locations et all at merely a click of a button. All you need to do is upload the data into our software system and we will manage the rest. We also provide you database support across the world according to your geographical preference. This database will be filtered at our end and the final list will ensure that you receive only those WhatsApp users who fit your target audience.

If this has caught your attention then let us tell you about the various packages:

Bulk WhastApp Sender Suite

This is our basic software that allows you to send unlimited messages to hundreds and thousands of WhasApp users across the world zero cost. Additionally you can send broadcast messages to your list of WhatsApp users. Apart from sending messages you can also receive replies which in turn help you gauge the outreach and success of the marketing campaign. A truly money and hassle free way to carry out a campaign at a global level.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender 2.2.0

This software provides you the basic features of sending unlimited messages to numerous WhatsApp users across the world. In addition to the basics it also gives you the option to send different campaign messages to different WhatsApp numbers all at one go. Wondering how it’s done? Well the software allows you to enter multiple WhatsApp numbers into the system by using multiple Proxy IP Addresses which also safeguards your WhatsApp numbers from getting banned.

WhatsApp Panel & Bot

This is our Super Ninja tool which we recommend to all small business marketers. This panel not only enables you to carry out the basics but also provides you various helpful features wherein you can test your numbers to see if the numbers are working, manage multiple campaigns different types of messages that can be scheduled to be sent at one go and you can also monitor the outcome of the marketing campaign by seeing the real time status notification which shows whether the message has been read, delivered or is pending for delivery. This tool covers all features which will ease your direct marketing campain via WhatsApp.

These Bulk WhatsApp Marketing tools are ideal for those entrepreneurs who want to spend their pennies wisely and we will ensure you maximize your returns at a minimal cost. As mentioned you can reach your target audience without wasting too much time and without incurring high expenses. Our team believes in providing the best customer support and if you would like us to give you a demo of how the software works please fill out the form on our website or drop us an email at [email protected] or you can add us on Skype: bulkwhatsappsender

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Get 100% FREE Two Days Free Trial Version Today!

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